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It is widely known that most men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many, however, wouldn’t want to wash their dirty linen in public so they will seek medication in secret or suffer in silence. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of medical professionals all over the world, erectile dysfunction now has a remedy just like many other conditions. Perhaps you have heard of Viagra. This is a drug that has found its place in the market and men with ED have evidently fallen for it because of its immense capabilities to breathe life into cold bedrooms. Revatio is also another common drug which always seems to pop up in any discussion involving Viagra. Revatio is manufactured by the same company that makes Viagra, and although it has sildenafil just like Viagra, it is used for cardiopulmonary conditions. The research on ED medications has advanced significantly and currently many sildenafil generic brands have been introduced into the market to serve the same purpose as brand-name Viagra.

History of Viagra

The invention of Viagra as an erectile dysfunction medication was incidental. In 1989, a group of scientists working for Pfizer research facility in England were in the process of making a drug that could be used to manage hypertension and angina pectoris – a painful condition that is characteristic of ischemic heart disease.

The drug was taken for clinical trials at a hospital in Swansea, and it turned out that the drug had little effect on angina pectoris. However, it was found that Viagra had the ability to induce erections in patients suffering from impotence. Pfizer decided to market the drug for erectile dysfunction rather than angina pectoris.

In 1996, Viagra was patented, and two years later, it was approved by FDA for use in erectile dysfunction treatment. This became the first ever oral treatment for erectile dysfunction in the United States. The sales of Viagra rose steadily, and most notable is the fact that in 2008, a decade after Viagra was introduced in the US market, its sales hit $1.9 billion dollars.

Viagra was initially a prescription-only drug. However, some social studies revealed that many men were not ready to head to the clinic to discuss their condition with a doctor. In line with this idea, Boots Pharmacy of the UK announced in 2007 that it would offer Viagra as an over-the-counter drug. The conditions set were that men aged between 30 and 65 years old would be eligible to buy the drug after an on-site consultation with a doctor. To make it even more convenient for buyers, Pfizer decided to sell Viagra directly to customers on its website. The buyers would have to fill a questionnaire first then they would proceed to buy the drug if they were deemed eligible.

Pfizer, being the inventors of Viagra, filed a patent to cover the use of Sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction and also in cardiopulmonary conditions. The patent on the use of sildenafil for cardiopulmonary conditions expired in 2012, and the one on erectile dysfunction also lapsed in some countries in 2013.

What is generic Viagra?

The expiry of Pfizer’s patent covering the use of Sildenafil as a drug for ED has brought about manufacturers of generic Viagra into the market. These manufacturers make and sell meds containing sildenafil citrate − the active ingredient in Viagra − under other brand names. Because generic Viagra pills contain the same active ingredient as the brand name Viagra, their functionality is the same.

The sildenafil in the drugs inhibits an enzyme called phosphodiesterase five which degrades cGMP (cyclic guanylyl monophosphate). cGMP, therefore, remains active, and it is the one that eventually leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles of the penis leading to an erection.

Generic Viagra can be as effective as brand-name Viagra, but there are some differences. The marked difference between brand name and generic Viagra is the price. The prior is more expensive. Pfizer charges the premium price because they are (or, until recently, used to be) the only manufacturers of Viagra. However, the generic brands are several in the market, and they are trying to lure the buyers with the price tag. Sildenafil, as the generic Viagra is commonly referred to, has caused a stir in the market, and it is expected that even the brand name Viagra will have to be sold at a lower price for it to remain relevant for buyers worldwide.

The brand name Viagra comes in the form of diamond-shaped blue pills. Pfizer has a patent on this appearance. Therefore, the sildenafil tablets will come in different forms such as, or instance, white ovoid. The brand name version of the med is packed and sold as Viagra. Sildenafil, in its turn, is sold under other names. A good example of a Viagra generic name would be Silagra manufactured by Cipla or Edegra, which is a product of Sun Pharmaceutical.

As per the effectiveness, generic Viagra is just as good as Viagra. Studies have shown that 80% of the men who use Viagra have reported positive results. One of the conditions for approval of generic Viagra is that the generic drug ought to be bioequivalent to the brand name Viagra. Therefore, you can be sure that any approved sildenafil brand on the market is as good as the brand name Viagra.

How can one buy generic Viagra?

In some regions, Pfizer’s patent has not yet expired which means that you have to look elsewhere if you want the generic pills. If you are in such a situation, all you need to do is find out which neighbouring countries or regions are manufacturing and selling sildenafil generic legally. Currently, many countries of the EU, South-East Asia and Africa are producing generic Viagra pills. If you are traveling to some of these countries for holidays, you can stop by a pharmacy and get the generic pills.

There are also many vendors of Viagra who have resorted to selling their product through the online channels. You can get generic Viagra online simply by visiting these companies’ websites and placing an order. You can also buy the pills from the social media pages of these companies, so if you are tired of searching on Google, you can scrape through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social sites. Most of the sellers who offer generic Viagra on the Web provide a questionnaire to be filled by the buyer before accepting the order. Because sildenafil is supposed to be a prescription-only drug, in many cases there has to be some consultation with a specialist before one is allowed to take the drug. The online procedures are very simple, however, and they definitely help boosting the levels of convenience when purchasing Viagra. Moreover, buying generic Viagra online guarantees anonymity. No one will have to see the face you put on as you order the drug. Of course, men do not want to be viewed as weak in bed, and buying sildenafil on their computers or even smartphones is perceived by many as the best thing that has ever happened to them.

You will have to go through the trouble of ordering generic Viagra from a different country only if your own has restrictions on generic Viagra manufacture. Thank goodness, the patent is not permanent. In a few more years, it is going to expire in the US, and if you are a citizen thereof, you will be free to buy generic Viagra from just about any pharmacy store that you like. If you happen to be in a country where the patent has expired, good for you. You can hop from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for the fanciest looking generic pill.

When does Viagra go generic?

Giving credit where it’s due, we cannot deny the fact that Pfizer did something very awesome to bring Viagra into existence. It was the hard work and dedication of its scientists that opened a brand new chapter in the lives of men and couples as well. As much as we pay tribute to Pfizer, there is still an issue with their prices on the brand name Viagra pills. They can be unaffordable to some people who live on a tight budget, yet they need the drugs.

Therefore, the need for the cheaper generic drugs seems to be growing. But Pfizer being the inventors will naturally want to remain in the leading position on the market of ED meds, and they are also working to reduce the competition that is being brought about by rival companies. In 1998, Pfizer claimed a patent on the use of Sildenafil citrate as a drug for erectile dysfunction. So if you are wondering when will Viagra be generic; it is after the expiry of the patent. Luckily, the patent has already expired in some countries, mostly those of the EU such as Germany and Denmark.

In the United States, however, the patent covering the use of Sildenafil is still on until 2020. However, a particular company called Teva took the patent issue to court and Pfizer entered into an agreement with Teva which will allow the latter company to start manufacturing generic sildenafil in 2017.

In Canada, Pfizer’s patent was ruled out as invalid in 2013 after a series of court cases, and now there are some generic Viagra manufacturers in the nation. In some Asian countries such as India and China, no one has ever asked when Viagra will be generic because the sildenafil pills have been manufactured widely since the patent isn’t enforced that much.

In the United States, Pfizer’s patent on Viagra expires in April 2020. Cialis and Levitra are the other ED drugs that are legal in the US. Levitra’s patent will expire in 2018 and Cialis’ patent is expected to expire between 2017 and 2020.

The debate on generic Viagra has been longstanding now. The introduction of the generic brands to the market is set to have different implications for various parties. The buyers will be spoilt for choice regarding which sildenafil drug to go for. In the US, the current dominant brands such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Staxyn will obviously have their profit margins lowered when the generic drugs come in. From a different perspective, one can argue that ED is no longer a problem because there is heightened interest in the field. But the manufacturers are apparently looking to reap from the vast market.

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