Sildenafil Citrate Natural Sources

Sildenafil Citrate: Natural Sources

What Is Sildenafil Citrate?

Most men especially older than 40 want to improve their potency and strengthen their erection. In 1992 the active substance of the drug Viagra was synthesized, called Sildenafil citrate, and since that time Viagra has become the most popular medicine against erectile dysfunction. Initially Sildenafil had to be a medicine for improving blood flow in the myocardium and the treatment of angina pectoris and ischemic heart disease, but when it was being tested it turned out that it had almost no effect concerning heart, but influenced potency greatly. Sildenafil forces more blood to enter the penis, thus leading to a stable erection. Sildenafil is effective in erectile dysfunctions, which are based on the vascular component. In other cases its effect is practically not pronounced.

Traditionally Sildenafil is manufactured in tablets (pills), sometimes in capsules, and if you try hard, you can find it even in liquid form. Everybody chooses the most preferable variant. In order to buy the drug you should have a prescription from your doctor.

Why Choosing Natural Sildenafil?

Viagra and its generics containing the same active ingredient are sold all around the world every day and in really large amount. It is already a worldwide known medicine which has proven its efficacy and reliability in the delicate cases of erection problems.

However, every drug has its side effects, and Viagra is not an exclusion. It can cause blurred vision, headaches, stuffed nose, allergy and some other unpleasant reactions. Some men prefer not to expose their intimate health to the risk of taking the real medicine like Sildenafil Citrate or its generics. Also, any medicine washes away after some time, and in order to keep the effect it should be taken any time before the sexual intercourse. The risks of side effects increase when the medicine is taken for a long period of time. To avoid such a situation, a lot of men who are still interested in improving their erection, bringing their partners to pleasure in bed, but search for natural sources of sildenafil citrate.

Where Can Sildenafil Citrate Be Found in Nature?

It’s not a secret that a number of products of vegetable origin that increase potency, general health and thus help to normalize sexual activity of a man. The use of them is absolutely harmless and gives minimum side effects, if any at all. Among the plants containing Sildenafil there can be named first of all nuts and nut products, like walnuts, hazel, peanuts and many others. Since ancient times it is known that nuts are “the plants of men”, helping them to be on top of sexual activity.

There is also a plant known as “herbal Viagra”, it is the plant Yohimbe – an African tree having a strong effect on sexual strength of a man. This plant is a natural magic wand for curing problems in bed!

Quite a large number of Chinese and Tibetan plants, especially herbs, are famous for increasing sexual power of men. China and Tibet can be called a true storehouse of traditional knowledges concerning herbs and other plants. Among others, horny goat weed is a herb beneficial for men’s health. The herb Muira Puama from rainforests of Amazon is also known as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulator. The tincture of the roots of this herb level up sexual desire and improve erecting, leaving no side effects.

Another natural plant against erectile dysfunction is Ginkgo Biloba, the nuts of which a man should eat during several months before the real therapeutic effect appears. These nuts improve the circulation of blood in all the parts of the body, which is especially important for sexual organs.

Other plants like red ginseng or spicy greens, their extracts and tinctures are also useful for treating problems with erection. They rejuvenate the body, positively affect the reproductive system and the activity of spermatozoa, excrete toxins from the body and stimulate the production of testosterone. Still the main mechanism through which they help against erectile dysfunction is improving blood flow in the organism as a whole and in pelvic organs.

Where To Buy Natural Sildenafil Citrate?

All these natural ingredients of sildenafil citrate a man can find in health food stores and some drug stores.

One should remember that though these special plants help to bring man’s sexuality to an upper level, it’s better not to forget also about ordinary healthy food: vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood, pure water and in general healthy lifestyle add a lot to potency, erection and self-assurance of a man. Quite often a man requires not the action of a serious drug, but physical exercises, healthy food and some small boost from some types of natural products.

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Additional Effects of Natural Sildenafil

Products containing natural sildenafil have a positive effect on blood flow. Except the most obvious aim of them, i.e. increase of potency, they help the whole organism: cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver, they increase appetite and support you in stress situations, saving from depressions and the accumulation of inner anger. Of course, such products shouldn’t be considered panacea, but their positive influence on men’s organism is proven by years and years of use, and they are free of negative effects of artificial medicines: they don’t cause any addiction, don’t require special prescription and can’t cause any harm to health.